Dehaired Goats Wool

Roedeo Cashmere-Dehaired goats wool series are mainly originiated from Alashan, Inner-Monogolia. Alashan is the top-quality raw material base in the world.

Roedeo Cashmere produces dehaired goats wool with the finest micron and length, precious as gold for its smoothness, light weight, soft texture and warmth, and resilient fibers. The three major colour which Roedeo Cashmere offers is White, Brown, and Grey cashmere from China. Chinese white cashmere with top fineness is the most precious one, known as fiber diamond. Besides Chinese cashmere, we also offer top-quality Monogolia cashmere. For more than 20 years of experience in dehaired goats wool business, Roedeo Cashmere can do customization for clients with different specifications.

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