Dehaired Goats Wool in Mongolia Brown

dehaired goats wool in Mongolia brown

Mongolia Brown Dehaired Cashmere Fibre: Dehaired Goats Wool in Mongolia Brown, Processed in Inner-Mongolia, China. Cashmere is the fine undercoat combed from the goats. The factory purchases raw material from herdsmans and use carding machine to process dehaired goats wool. The texture is soft and no crimp. The usual micron count for cashmere is from 11-18. It can be use to produce high quality cashmere yarns. Cashmere can also absorb water more quickly than wool, and it is very receptive to dye.

Colour: Brown, length: 36-38mm, micron: 16.5-16.9um, great uniformity, Package: In 75KG Bales.

Model No. Roedeo-4, Brand: Roedeo Cashmere Cashmere, No Chemical Fibre, PP content: 0, corse hair content: 0.20%, Grease Content: Usually 0.5%, Meet APEO International Standard, HS Code: 5105392100, Usage: High-end and Luxury Cashmere Products

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