Tianjin Port Free Trade Roedeo International Trade CO., LTD was established in 1998 which specialized in dehaired cashmere and finished cashmere products. Roedeo Cashmere is the brand that registered after the company’s establishment. The brand’s product line includes dehaired cashmere, cashmere yarns, and finished products.


Our dehairing factory is located in Qinghe county, Hebei province, China. Qinghe county is known as “the city of cashmere”. Our company is specialized in collecting the world’s finest cashmere that originated in Alashan area, Inner-Mongolia. This area produces the finest cashmere fiber within 15.3um in China due to the unique climate and geographic position.

The finishing product factory is located in Linhe, Inner-Monogolia, China. Our company has a matured management to regulate all the processing step for finishing products such as clothing and scarf by using our unique dehaired cashmere.

Cooperation partners

Loro Piana 01

Loro Piana has been our major client since 1998. Our dehaired cashmere has been recognizing by Loro Piana over decades with stable quality control and sourcing ability.

American Wool & Cashmere

Roedeo and AWC has been in stable cooperative relationship for decades in import and export cashmere business. AWC is famous for export Afghan cashmere for many years.

AC Partner 1202

Roedeo and Amicale has a deep relationship for decades. We work together in both dehaired cashmere and yarn business. Our yarns has been approved by COACH for making pure cashmere products.


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